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Selin Sünbül

One of the points I care about is to enjoy life and to be able to do my work with pleasure. For this reason, drawing, designing and generating new ideas are very important to me. Would you like to get to know me better, work with a team spirit and take the steps of new projects with me?

About me


Hello, I am SELİN SÜNBÜL. I was born in 1993 in Bursa. I started my primary and secondary education at Dr. Necla Yazıcıoğlu. I continued my student life at Malcılar High School. My university life was spent in Cyprus. I studied at the Department of Architecture at the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Fine Arts at Cyprus International University.


I started primary school in 1999. After 8 years of primary and secondary school education, I started high school in 2007. After graduating in 2011, I won the Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture, Department of Architecture (Full scholarship, English) in 2012. I studied for 5 years with preparation. Throughout my education, I have been a responsible, disciplined, fulfilling, successful student.


Architectural programs I have used: AutoCAD, Sketchup, Lumion, 3d Max + Vray, Photoshop. I draw in 2 dimensions in Autocad. I am fast at drawing in Autocad. I use Sketchup and Max in modeling as 3 dimensions. The modeling program I use varies depending on the urgency and size of the projects. For rendering, I use Lumion or Vray.

3ds Max

After graduation, my first job experiences were in Cyprus. I worked together as an architect and a sales consultant in two different companies. As a responsible person, I fulfilled my duties in the workplaces where I worked. Then to Turkey I'm back. I joined a few companies, I designed and implemented different concept projects in the field of architecture and interior design, and now I am continuing my job as an architect in a different company.


I design different concepts in architecture, interior design (cafe, restaurant, hotel, office, residence, villa, apartment, bakery, steak house) and landscape projects according to the wishes of the customers. One of the issues I pay attention to is that my designs are ergonomic and aesthetic. Concept and integrity in design are important to me.


As one of the pioneers of the architecture sector, I serve my customers 24/7 with quality projects and excellent designs.

Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bulvarı / Nilüfer / Bursa
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